Who we are

A few words about us ..

It was around the end of the 18th century that ships arrived at the Port of Piraeus to replenish their water supply from the pump (Τρούμπα) which had been placed on the most popular pier of the era, the Royal Pier. The phrase : "to the pump, to the pump" echoed resonantly all over as the sailors with their awkward accent referred to the water pump,which eventually lent its name to the whole area, called "Troumpa " to this day. A few metres away from this very spot, we created our own Pier.
A pier full of tastes capable of enchanting even the most demanding palate of all. Having travelled to distant Marocco, Egypt and Lebanon, we succeeded in bringing all the local goodies and dainty morsels to our Port, Piraeus port,not only the renowned falafel and kofta kebab, the unique condiments and spices,the special salads and suprisingly delicious sweets but also the famous handmade traditional Lebanese pie.History is made by groups of friends and so our warm-hearted company made its own by successfully introducing the celebrated lebanese cousine to our parts of the world namely to the grandest and most beautiful port of Greece, Piraeus port.

... gastronomic background


Croquets made of chick peas,is the traditional Arabic food.Legend has it that falafel started its journey from Egypt and the Port of Alexandria to gain popularity all over the world.


Handmade,traditional pies,without leaven or yeast or any kind of augmentation,solely made of water and flour.Back then,in orient they baked the pies with the help of a round pillow on the heated sides of their wooden underground furnaces or on their curved metal lids.Now,in Greece pies are made in the same traditional way and baked on a “Saj” over before your eyes,reviving moments of a bygone age.

Kofta kebab

To be found in Piraeus and on our Pier,our kofta kebab travelled a long way since its origins are found in southern and central Asian as well as middle eastern countries.Its unique taste is capable of charming anyone who wishes to savour one. Kebab mades of minced lamb,groats,mint and a magical mix of five spices it is a must try authentic kofta kebab recipe..